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Who knew you could get an investment with a guarantee

Okay so there's no missing the fact that so far, 2020 has been a bit, well, unpredictable!

As if worrying about the Coronavirus, lockdowns, home schooling and shielding aren't enough, the financial repercussions on peoples income and the governments help in supporting those who can't work have had a big impact on savers. Interest rates are at an all time low and particularly cash ISA rates have suffered greatly.

At time of writing the very best rate we could find (via compare the market on 04.06.2020) was 1.65% variable with Ipswich Bank (but you can only open and manage this in person or by post) or a cash ISA 7 year bond with United Trust Bank at 1.5% fixed (but again can only be opened/managed in person or by post).

The alternative is to invest your money - this isn't a bad idea right now, markets are low so think about the analogy "buy low, sell high"* but the honest trust is that many people are wary of investments in general.


So is there an alternative?

The short answer is yes, there is!

Investec is one of the best kept secrets on the Financial markets circuits.

Offering FSCS protections like any well known high street brand of bank, their innovative range of products offers the opportunity for higher returns whilst providing a "Capital guarantee" (essentially protecting the money you invest). Returns can be much higher than anything the high street has to offer.


As with all things investment, you should always seek advice from a qualified financial adviser (generally it would only be independent advisers who would be able to offer such a broad range of options). This advice takes into account your particular circumstances and prefereces and they will help you to be aware of, and understand, any terms and conditions applicable.

Here at Burnett Financial Planning, we offer impartial and unbiased advice and will never put you under any pressure to make an investment we have recommended - our reputation for fairness is far too important to us! Our initial advice is always free of charge so there really isn't any need for anyone to be without experienced and qualified guidance!


If you would like some further information, an informal chat or a free review of your existing portfolio, please just get in touch!


0161 507 7722

07722 892 555 (direct number for our Senior adviser Darren Burnett IFA)

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